Semester Projects

Martina Buchmeier, Matthias Christen, Marion Mürner, "Sunspotter",2021 image
This project inlcudes a web application through which sunny places can be found. This is particularly relevant in Switzerland due to the "high-fog" problem. The sunny and cloudy locations are displayed via an image of a cam. In the background of the application a ML algorithm (trained on scraped webcam images) is used to determine whether the current cam shows a a sunny or cloudy image.



Pascal Wyler, "Data Science for Social Good: An Investigation of external influences on the number of visitors to the Zurich's emergency sleeping shelter",2021, German, (Orig. Title: "Data Science for Social Good: Eine Untersuchung der Effektstarke externer Einflussgrossen auf die Besucherzahlen der Stadtzurcher Notschlafstelle")

Marc Willaredt, "Data Science in Court",2021, German (Orig. Title: "Data Science vor Gericht")

Marc Walder, "Gaze Control for Smarter Avatars",2021, English


Rafael Hofmann, "Who does the Swiss Federal Supreme Court listen to?",2022, German, (Orig. Title: "Auf wen hort das Schweizerische Bundesgericht?")

Ephraim Izgi, "AI & modern Waste Management",2022, German, (Orig. Title: "KI & modernes Waste Management")

Mattia Ricciato, "AI and Waste Management: Price Classification for Used Wardrobes",2022, German (Orig. Title: "KI und Waste Management: Preisklassifizierung fur gebrauchte Schranke")

David Kobler, "Transfer learning for time series classification of compensated movements of the upper body",2022, German, (Orig.Title: "Transfer Learning fur die Zeitreihenklassi zierung von kompensierten Bewegungen des Oberkorpers")

Simon Ruegg, "Looking for the lower court case: Identification of pre-instance judgements through Natural Language Processing",2022, German, (Orig.Title: "Vorinstanz gesucht: Identifikation vorinstanzlicher Urteile durch Natural Language Processing")

Lukas Roth, "AI-Recycling: Object classification at the Hagenholz recycling centre",2021, German, (Orig.Title: "AI-Recycling: Objektklassifizierung im Recyclinghof Hagenholz")